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-Tom & Kathleen F..

Our expectations were exceeded. With prompt and courteous communication between us, he managed to facilitate a successful estate sale, despite the COVID crisis, and despite us being two states away after our initial contact. Riley was personable, straightforward, and after listening to our goals he followed through on each. He appreciated hearing about items that might have unique value. There were a number of hurdles, but none seemed too big and each was handled smoothly. Before Idaho opened enough to have the sale, he used a variety of venues for sale of items, adding to the overall success of liquidating the estate. Bottom line, it was a pleasure to work with him; he and his company are highly recommended.

-Carol K.

Our family is very appreciative of the help we received from Riley. Even though the property to be sold was out of state for us, Riley was able to deal with all challenges in a timely, assertive way going above and beyond. Our communication was via texting, emails, phone and conference calls and using e-documents. He is very experienced with long distance sales. Our property had more issues to deal with than some, but he persevered through the process to end up with an acceptable price for our family. I highly recommend him!

-Suzanne V.

Wonderful estate sales. Reasonably priced, friendly people, clean, organized, and fun!

-Holt H..

I’ve purchased numerous items from Guardian. I appreciate their honesty and efficiency throughout the transaction process. Most recently, I purchased a piece of high value metal art. The Guardian Estate Team was easy to work with and knowledgeable, which was a nice change from other estate sale companies. Thanks for another great estate sale!

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