Testimonials & Past Estate Sales

  • Testimonial #1:

“I cannot speak highly enough of the service and work of Riley Wilcox. Our family was faced with the daunting task of emptying our family home and putting it on the market. Riley was an incredible asset and support during this Herculean task. He is a man of integrity and honor; he is kind and wise. His values are impeccable; he surrounds himself with amazing partners and mentors. The transaction was long distance and Riley provided constant and timely communication. Even with "surprises", as there is bound to be with a 62-year-old house, Riley had the contacts to take care of everything seamlessly. I trust Riley implicitly and feel our family was blessed with and angel on earth. I and my family will be forever grateful to Riley.”

-Kathleen W.

  • Testimonial #2:

Our family is very appreciative of the help we received from Riley. Even though the property to be sold was out of state for us, Riley was able to deal with all challenges in a timely, assertive way going above and beyond. Our communication was via texting, emails, phone and conference calls and using e-documents. He is very experienced with long distance sales. Our property had more issues to deal with than some, but he persevered through the process to end up with an acceptable price for our family. I highly recommend him!

-Carol K.

  • Testimonial #3:

“Wonderful estate sales. Reasonably priced, friendly people, clean, organized, and fun!”

-Suzanne V.

  • Testimonial #4

“I’ve purchased numerous items from Guardian. I appreciate their honesty and efficiency throughout the transaction process. Most recently, I purchased a piece of high value metal art. The Guardian Estate Team was easy to work with and knowledgeable, which was a nice change from other estate sale companies. Thanks for another great estate sale!”

-Holt H.

  • Testimonial #5

“Awesome! Very professional and a first-class operation. I would highly recommend. The owners and their staff are hardworking and very knowledgeable. Their number 1 priority is the best interest of their clients. Job well done!”

-Janet L.

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